Date Added: 08 December 2021, 00:06

Near East University Atatürk Faculty of Education Department, Preschool Education Department 2nd Grade Teacher Candidates visited Pınarbaşı Kindergarten and held a Child Rights Event on 20 November.

The event was held under the coordination of Faculty Member Assist. Prof. Dr.Dervişe Amca TOKLU. Within the scope of the awareness-raising event, banners related to the articles in the Convention on the Rights of the Child and necklaces made of contract articles were prepared to be given to children as gifts. During the event, mutual consultations were held, emphasizing that "children's rights are learned when they are children".

Pre-service teachers got the opportunity to spend quality time with little hearts in the 4-5 age group in the field areas and enriched their professional equipment. They also made agreements with tiny hearts to protect their rights and to speak their rights to the PRIMARY people around them. The event was warmly embraced by all stakeholders.